Research Interests


My research interests are broadly centered around the science and engineering of polymeric materials. From a fundamental perspective, I am interested in soft matter physics and the emergent phenomena– on the nano, micro, and macro-scales–arising from the molecular forces and collective dynamics of polymers. I apply atomistic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, paired with statistical mechanical analyses, to make predictions and identify testable hypotheses related to the structure, and engineering properties of polymers–with a focus on (but not limited to) thin films of electronic polymers. Experimental characterization is employed to evaluate simulation models and predictions, as well as identify materials with optimized properties for targeted applications. From a technological perspective, I am interested in applying knowledge of transport phenomena, complex fluids, and interfacial science to develop and improve solution-phase processes for forming and patterning thin films and laminates (as well as fibers and fabrics) of functional polymer composites. Such composite structures, and integrated devices comprised thereof, are used to demonstrate new approaches to a range of problems in sensing, actuation, and control, for soft robotic and healthcare devices that integrate seamlessly with human users.